How do you pray the sunrise prayer?

Explore the Islamic traditions of sunrise salah and Fajr prayer, their unique times, number of Rakats and the spiritual benefits they offer to adherents.

What is sunrise salah?

Salat-ul-Ishraq is one of the optional prayers that need to perform about 15 minutes after sunrise. It has only 2 Rakats but Hadiths are filled with the high merits of this Nafil prayer.

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How many Rakats is the Fajr prayer?

The Fajr prayer consists of two rakat (prescribed movements). In a congregation, the leader of the prayer (imam) recites aloud. However, two sunnah rakaʿāt prior to the two Fard rakaʿāt are highly recommended, and named Fajr nafl prayer (Arabic: رغيبة الفجر).

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Is sunrise prayer different from Fajr?

Fajr is a sunnah prayer that you should pray before you offer the obligatory morning prayer which is Subh. Fajr can only be prayed at fajr time and once the sun has risen you’re not allowed to pray the sunnah pray. After sunrise you can only pray the Subh prayer.

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How many Rakats is Fajr after sunrise?

Summary of answer Ishraq prayer is a two-rakah prayer that is offered after the sun has risen and become high, for those who pray Fajr in congregation in the mosque, then sit in the place where they prayed, remembering Allah until they pray two rak’ahs.

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Can you only pray Fajr before sunrise?

We have stated in the answer to question no. 9940 the times of the five daily prayers. The time for Fajr prayer lasts from the onset of the true dawn until the sun starts to rise. If a person offers this prayer during this time, he has prayed on time.

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