What are examples of unhealthy discharge?

Explore the various aspects of vaginal discharge, understand what’s normal and what’s not, the changes you might experience, and how to identify potential health issues related to it.

How do you know if your discharge is okay?

Normal vaginal discharge is usually clear or milky and may have a subtle scent that is not unpleasant or foul smelling. It’s also important to know that vaginal discharge changes over the course of a woman’s menstrual cycle. These changes in color and thickness are associated with ovulation and are natural.

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What does STD discharge look like?

Maybe the color of the discharge is yellow or green. There could be an odd smell, too. These are all signs of an STD discharge. These changes can cause orange vaginal discharge, chunky yellow discharge, and other abnormal discharges.

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What should be the color of your discharge?

Vaginal discharge is usually white or clear, but it can fluctuate throughout the month. Color changes typically aren’t cause for concern unless you’re experiencing other unusual symptoms.

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What colors are bad for discharge?

Discharge that is a darker shade of yellow, yellowish-green, or green usually signals a bacterial or sexually transmitted infection. See a doctor promptly if vaginal discharge is thick or clumpy or it has a foul odor.

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What color is stress discharge?

Stress can cause your cortisol levels to spike, disrupting your body’s production of sex hormones. This can result in spotting and other menstrual changes. Spotting generally takes the form of small droplets of blood in your underwear or a pink, red, or brown tinge to your discharge.

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