What is the lowest calorie item in Taco Bell?

Explore how to enjoy Taco Bell while maintaining a healthy diet. Learn about the healthiest choices, eating in a calorie deficit, and incorporating it into a weight loss plan.

What is the healthiest Taco Bell taco?

Chicken Soft Taco Fresco Style Chicken soft tacos are like the chicken noodle soup of the fast food world: reliable, comforting, and always tasty. Taco Bell’s, when created fresco style, rings in at a mere 150 calories with 9 grams of protein. Slather on some hot sauce and make your soft taco dreams come true.

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Can I eat Taco Bell on a calorie deficit?

Most places will accommodate your needs, including Taco Bell! So many restaurants have great options if you are trying to count calories or be in a calorie deficit. Although eating out often will certainly make dieting more difficult, once a week isn’t going to be the end of your success story.

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Is Taco Bell OK for weight loss?

Taco Bell, in particular, has several menu items that can work well in a weight loss plan. Although you may be much better off skipping their high-calorie items, sodas, and desserts, simple modifications can be made to many of their menu items to create a reasonable, balanced meal.

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