What time is the Eid prayer in Mississauga?

Explore the timing nuances of Islamic prayers, particularly the Fajr and Isha prayers, including the mandate to pray Fajr before sunrise and Isha before midnight.

Can you pray Fajr before sunrise?

The Fajr prayer (Arabic: صلاة الفجر ṣalāt al-fajr, “dawn prayer”) is the first of the five mandatory salah (Islamic prayer), to be performed anytime starting from the moment of dawn, but not after sunrise (at least 15 minutes before sunrise).

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What is the beginning time of Isha?

The time period within which the Isha prayer must be recited is the following: Time begins: once Maghrib (evening prayer) has been recited and completed. Time ends: at midnight, the midpoint between shafak and dawn.

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Can Isha be prayed before 12?

The ‘Isha prayer must be performed before midnight, and it is not permissible to delay it until midnight. This is because the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “The time of ‘Isha is until midnight” (Narrated by Muslim, al-Masaajid wa Mawadi’ al-Salah, 964).

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Can we pray Isha at 4am?

Ideally, one should pray Isha before midnight. It is important for us to be diligent in prayer and not put it off unnecessarily when the time arrives, although if someone is praying Isha in congregation, it is best to delay it up to one third of the night; but it is not good to postpone it later than midnight.

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